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All the Ways Invisalign Can Fix Smiles

For some people, there’s no real issue with crooked teeth as long they aren’t badly misaligned. The truth is: Even mild misalignment issues with teeth can cause them to wear down unevenly. On top of that, misalignment issues encompass more than crooked teeth. These issues range from gaps between teeth to teeth that never touch the teeth opposite them. Invisalign can discreetly correct many alignment issues with teeth, and everyone else doesn’t have to know about your efforts to align your teeth. Take a look at the ways Invisalign® can align your smile.

How Invisalign Works
Just like braces, Invisalign invisible aligners move teeth into their optimal placement by applying a mild amount of pressure to each tooth that needs to be moved. The trays are completely clear, so most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them.

Though the aligner trays fit snuggly onto teeth, the teeth that are already aligned received no pressure from the custom aligner trays. You’ll wear a set for a few weeks, and then progress to another set that pushing your teeth just a little more. For most people, it takes roughly a year, give or take, to turn major alignment issues into a symmetrical smile.

Use Cases for Invisalign
Beyond crooked teeth, there are many other use cases for invisible aligners. Take a look at the major use cases for Invisalign invisible aligner trays:

• Crowded teeth – teeth out of alignment, often due to a lack of space in the mouth
• Underbite, overbite – bottom teeth that stick out further than the top teeth or upper teeth the protrude further than lower teeth
• Crossbite – a mix of an underbite and an overbite
• Gape (open bite) – not all upper and lower teeth touch
• Gap teeth – excess space between neighboring teeth
• A mix of minor issues

More on Invisalign in Manhattan, NY
Take a moment to schedule an appointment with a New York dentist to learn more about what you can expect from getting Invisalign in Manhattan, NY.

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