Digital Radiology

X-rays have been used for decades as a diagnostic tool in the dental field. Traditional X-rays, however, are not only time consuming, but they also require a significant amount of radiation to take images. Advances in dental technology have made way to a more updated version of X-rays. At National Dental Upper East Side, we take advantage of these advancements and offer digital X-rays.


Digital X-rays are images taken of your mouth that rely on the use of electronics, rather than the use of radiation. An electronic sensor, which is attached to a computer, is placed inside of your mouth. It only takes the click of a button to take the image. Once the image is taken, it appears almost instantly on a computer monitor, ready for reading.


One of the biggest qualms most patients have with traditional X-rays is that they rely heavily on the use of radiation. Because digital X-rays use computer technology and electronics, your exposure to radiation is greatly reduced. In fact, with digital X-rays, your radiation exposure is reduced up to 90 – 95%.


Not only do traditional X-rays use radiation to capture images, but they also require the use of chemicals to develop them. These chemicals can be harmful to our environment. Digital X-ray images do not need to be developed. Instead, they appear directly on our computer monitor. No chemicals are needed, making digital X-rays much more environmentally friendly.


With digital X-rays, we are provided with a lot more flexibility when it comes to making a diagnosis. Unlike traditional X-rays, which only provide a stagnant image, we can do a whole lot with digital X-rays. Images can be zoomed in on, and enhanced, allowing us to pinpoint even small areas of concern. We can also display images in color, or in a negative format, which allows us to spot issues in ways traditional X-rays never permitted.

Digital X-rays can also be displayed side by side on the monitor, which allows us to see changes in your mouth, whether it’s bone loss, tooth movement, or the healing of your jaw following a procedure like dental implants or oral surgery. Images can even be placed one on top of the other, which can aid in spotting minute oral alterations.


Technological advancements have led to your files being kept digitally, in computer folders, as opposed to the bulky paper folders of the past. Your digital X-rays can be stored in these digital files. There’s no worry of your images getting lost or ruined. When needed, we can pull the images up with a few clicks.


One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional X-rays is that they take the time to develop, when that time should be spent with you, going over your diagnosis and discussing treatment plans. With digital X-rays, all of this is possible. There is no time needed for image development because we don’t even have to leave the room, so we have more time to spend with you. We can take the time needed to answer any of your questions, and allow you to get back to your life faster.

Digital X-rays are a significant improvement over traditional X-rays. They are high quality, quick and easy. Moreover, thanks to constant software updates, improvements are continually being made, and we can stay on top of them all. For more information on digital X-rays, call National Dental Upper East Side today at (646) 736-2206!