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Full Mouth Dental Implants: Fixed Bridge vs All on 4

When it comes to teeth replacement options, All on 4 dental implants offer some of the best value around. But if you want even more bang for your buck, investing just a bit more in dental implants to get a fixed bridge can reward you with the most reliability and stability you can get out of any dental restoration. Take a look at what separates fixed bridge dental implants from All on 4 to get a better idea about which option is best for you.

Benefits of All on 4
Efficiency – it’s the word that best describes All on 4 dental implants when comparing them to other formats for replacing missing teeth. All on 4 dental implants make use of as few as four dental implants per row of teeth, providing reliable support that makes efficient use of the implants and delivers a cost-efficient price to help fit them into the budgets of many more people.

Here’s a rundown of some of the other benefits unique to All on 4 dental implants:
•Only requires the minimum number of implants needed to support a full row of teeth
•Provides stability unrivaled by conventional dentures
•Hybrid bridge (non-user removable) for improved support, though the bridge can still be removed by a dentist

Benefits of Fixed Bridge

You’ll pay a bit more for fixed bridge dental implants, but you also get more stability and reliability from your dental implants.
Here’s a rundown of the benefits of fixed bridge dental implants:

•Fits more naturally and comfortably on your gums, looks more natural
•Doesn’t require special parts to angle and leverage the support underneath, as is the case with All on 4
•Less likely to require bone grafting
•Minimal chance of impacting the way words sounds when you speak them
•Easier to clean than conventional dentures and other styles of dental implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants NYC
Take a moment to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about All on 4, fixed bridge and other options for full mouth dental implants in NYC.

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