Lasers have been used in the field of dentistry for over 20 years. They have numerous applications, including periodontal treatment, frenectomies and sealing blood vessels. Thanks to all of the advancements being made in technology, and the years of research being poured into oral surgery, lasers are now being used to treat oral surgery patients. At National Dental Upper East Side, we are proud to offer this advanced treatment method.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Before the use of the laser, oral surgery used to be performed with a sharp manual instrument known as a scalpel. This instrument often led to bleeding, along with significant pain, swelling and bruising after your procedure was complete.

The laser takes the place of the traditional scalpel. The only thing that interacts with the tissues in your mouth is an intense laser light, which works to make the necessary cuts. The light is thin, approximately the thickness of a human hair.

How Does It Work?

A laser is a high-intensity beam of light, which can operate at different wavelengths depending upon your specific needs. It can be used to remove unhealthy oral tissues, making incisions, or even vaporizing tissue. As the laser cuts your gum tissue, it cauterizes the wounds, which helps to reduce bleeding, both during and after your procedure. It is extremely precise. It can remove just a few cells at a time, or tackle a large tumor. Essentially, it is an extremely flexible piece of technology that can be used for both simple and more complex procedures.

What Else Can Be Treated with a Laser?

The laser has many applications in the field of dentistry:

  • Periodontal treatment. Lasers are used to remove infected gum tissue to provide the access necessary for scaling and root planing.
  • Clearing decay for filling preparation.
  • Preparing your teeth for crowns.
  • Tooth whitening.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are several benefits that come with the use of a laser. First, bleeding is minimized, both during your procedure as well as after, while you are healing. There is less tissue trauma involved, which means that you will experience significantly less pain, swelling and bleeding after your procedure. Lasers have pinpoint precision, so we can better target certain areas of your mouth, such as lesions for oral biopsy, and more effectively provide you with the treatment you need. They can stimulate the generation of new bone and tissue growth. With less tissue trauma, and therefore less pain, the use of a laser for an oral surgical procedure can mean less anxiety. This can then allow those who typically have a fear of dental procedures, the reassurance needed to seek dental treatment.

Is it Safe?

Many patients have concerns about whether or not the use of a laser is safe. We have extensive training and experience using this technology, and it is just as safe as using any other tool for other procedures. You will be provided with a set of special glasses, which will protect your eyes during your procedure.

For more information on laser dentistry, and to find out if it’s right for you, contact National Dental Upper East Side today at (646) 736-2206!