Gum disease has a devastating effect on your oral health. Bacteria and plaque cause your gums to become irritated and inflamed. When the gum tissue is inflamed, it pulls away from its snug position against your teeth. Bacteria fall below the gum line and begin to attack the bone and periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth securely in place. The tissue continues to pull away from your teeth, leading to gum recession. You are also faced with an increased risk of tooth decay, sensitivity, loose teeth and tooth loss. Traditional methods for treating gum disease can cause a significant amount of pain. At National Dental Upper East Side, we use laser dentistry for easier, less painful periodontal treatment.


In some cases, for gum disease treatment, the diseased, inflamed gum tissue must be removed to properly clean and disinfect the teeth (along with their roots). In the past, gum tissue was removed with a scalpel. Not only does the use of a scalpel cause significant bleeding, but it can also lead to a significant amount of post-treatment pain.

Laser therapy is different. Instead of a scalpel, a laser is used to remove infected gum tissue, providing us with the access we need to clean your teeth. Once the tissue is removed, we can perform scaling and root planing, which involves scraping plaque and bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth (as well as between them) and smoothing the roots. This prevents new bacteria buildup and allows your mouth to heal.


There are some benefits associated with the use a laser for periodontal treatment. First, traditional effects of treatment with a scalpel are greatly lessened. You will experience less pain and swelling, as a laser is much less invasive than a scalpel. Bleeding is also minimized because the laser cauterizes as it removes infected tissue. Other benefits include:

  • Lasers are more precise. They can target infected tissue and cut with a much greater degree of accuracy.
  • Because there is less pain involved with the use of a laser, the need for a general anesthetic is eliminated.
  • Your recovery time and healing will be much quicker.


One of the greatest advantages of the laser is that there is much less pain involved, both during, and after the procedure. The fear of pain is often what keeps many patients away from the office and seeking the treatments they so desperately need. With the use of the laser, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t experience the same pain, or other issues, associated with the use of a scalpel.


As with any treatment, the use of a laser does come with some risks. One of the biggest risks is using the wrong wavelength, which can cause further damage to your gum tissue. We are well trained in the use of a laser, and this risk is minimal.

Laser dentistry allows for a less invasive, more effective gum disease treatment. For more information on what the use of a laser in your periodontal treatment can do for you, contact National Dental Upper East Side today!