How often do you think about your teeth? There’s a good chance that it’s not all that often unless you’re brushing and flossing. Your teeth perform many essential tasks, such as biting, chewing, controlling airflow for speech and providing you with a beautiful smile. When you lose your teeth, all of these functions are affected. On top of all of these issues, your jawbone begins to weaken and change shape, leading to several other issues. At National Dental Upper East Side, we offer many options for tooth replacement, including dental implants.


Dental implants are currently one of the top choices, by both patients and dental professionals (including National Dental) alike. Implants require a surgical procedure, during which titanium rods are implanted into the jaw. The bone fuses to the implants as you heal, creating a stable support, or “root,” for your replacement teeth.


Implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth, from one to a whole mouth. To meet your unique needs, there are several types of dental implants:

  • Single tooth implants. If you are only missing one tooth, you may benefit from a single tooth implant. A single titanium rod is implanted, which supports a single crown.
  • Multiple teeth implants (implant supported bridge). If you are missing several consecutive missing teeth, a multiple tooth implant may be in order. As little as one implant can be placed, but the exact number needed will be determined by our assessment of your mouth.
  • Implant supported dentures. In the instance that you are missing an entire arch of teeth (or all of your teeth), an implant supported denture can help. Replacement teeth typically need between 6 to 8 implants to support them.
  • All-on-4® treatment concept. These implants are used to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. The difference, however, is that these implants are often used when you have lost some of the bone mass in your jaw, and it cannot support regular dental implants. By strategically placing four implants, we can avoid the need for a bone graft.


Nobel Biocare is the leading manufacturer of dental implants in the world. Their philosophy of restoring your quality of life stems from the discovery of osseointegration in the 1950s, and over 60 years of innovation. They invest in their research and development, and many of their products have become standards in the dental implant industry. Their designs are simple but provide superior strength, support, and aesthetics.


Dental implants require a surgical procedure. After we administer a local anesthetic, we create small incisions in your gum tissue, exposing the bone. With specialized tools, we drill into the bone and insert the titanium rods. Your gums are stitched closed around the implants, leaving a small portion exposed.

Healing can take several weeks to several months to heal. You will be provided with temporary teeth. As you heal, we will monitor the fusion of your bone to the implants. Once you have healed, abutments are placed on the exposed ends of the implants, and impressions are taken. These impressions are used to create your permanent restorations. When ready, they are screwed into place.


Dental implants offer numerous benefits:

  • Restored ability to eat and speak.
  • Better oral health.
  • Your jawbone remains strong.
  • Easy to care for (can be maintained just like your natural teeth).
  • With a more natural smile, you get an extra boost of confidence.

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