Brushing and flossing your teeth every day are essential elements to a healthy mouth. The ADA recommends (at least) twice daily brushing and once daily flossing for optimal results. However, even those who follow these guidelines strictly can still face oral health issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease. For this reason, professional dental cleanings are key. Moreover, National Dental Upper East Side can help.


At home, you do your best to clean your teeth with your toothbrush and floss. However, even if you follow the two-minute rule, there are many crevices within your mouth that are easy to miss. Without certain tools, you may not be able to see or even reach these areas.

At National Dental Upper East Side, we are equipped with all of the latest tools and technologies to provide you with a thorough cleaning. With the use of our intraoral camera, we can see even the smallest crevices and make sure that we remove any buildup (plaque, tartar, bacteria) that may have collected there.


If you continually miss certain areas of your mouth when you brush and floss, you are providing safe harbors for harmful oral bacteria. Unchecked, oral bacteria continue to multiply. As it does, it can attack your teeth and sensitive gum tissue. Even if you are vigilant with your oral health care routine, you can still suffer the effects of tooth decay and gum disease. With a professional cleaning, we can help to clean out trouble spots, keeping bacteria at bay. This reduces your risk of developing these oral health issues.


It is recommended that you have a professional cleaning at least twice a year. A professional dental cleaning is fairly straightforward. We start by removing any buildup on the surfaces of your teeth. This is done with the assistance of a tool known as a scaler. The tool not only removes plaque and bacteria, but it also can remove stubborn tartar (hardened plaque) which cannot be otherwise removed with a standard toothbrush.

Next, we polish your teeth. This involves the use of our electric hand piece. A special polish, which contains abrasives to scrub your teeth clean, is applied to the surface of your teeth. The head of the hand piece spins rapidly, rubbing the polish against your teeth. Thanks to the electric hand piece, the tool is quieter than it used to be, leading to less anxiety while you are in the chair. The tool can also be set to a specific speed, which means there will be less generation of heat.

After your teeth are polished, we will give them an expert flossing. This flossing session may seem pointless if you floss daily at home, but it can still be helpful. We can reach areas you may not otherwise be able to see. Flossing in the office also allows us to clean out any loosened tartar or polish that was left behind. If necessary, we can finish your cleaning with a fluoride treatment, which can help to keep your teeth safe against a bacterial attack.

If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, there’s no better time than now. Call National Dental Upper East Side at (646) 736-2206 to schedule your cleaning today!